Thursday, November 15, 2012


Why do we grow old? Why does our skin starts to harden and our bones to soften? everything in God's creation is in a cycle and we are not the exempt from it, the cycle of life and death, but just like it happens with plant seeds, we do not die forever, but only to be replanted somewhere else, I don't know where, I believe that our seeds will be taken to heaven with our eternal Father, where we won't grow old anymore, where no food is needed, where worries are gone, where happiness is there to stay.

The idea of heaven is not often in my head, I am most of the time trying to solve the past, present and future, a waste of time, when I realize that there is nothing that I can solve, the only reasonable thing for me to do is to trust God and pray, obey HIM, and be patient.

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily activities that we forget about what is really important and what will really make a difference in the future for our lives and the life of others.

I am thankful with God for all the blessings that He pours into our lives, and thankful to everyone and everything who serves HIM.

This country is going through a painful catharsis and is not even close to be over, division has marked this times, and that from all the signs is one we can't ignore.

When did the whole world, went so wrong?

Is in the Bible, time after time, if humans keep trying to disobey God's Law, it will back fire every single time.

There is people that doesn't know God, and when you do not know Him, everything that has a sparkle will look like a good idea, especially if is an egocentric one.

Don't forget that the leaf on the tree doesn't move, if is not God's will.


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