Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sea World SA Summer Fun.

We have been enjoying a hot summer here in San Antonio, we have visited Sea World and Aquatica so many times, my hubby got the annual passes for both parks.
Today we get to hold a Boa constrictor (about 60 pounds)! I did not know how brave my kids are, they are making me do things I never thought I would do! Last week we hold a young crocodile named Katrina, she was rescued after the hurricane.
We love to visit the Animal Conservation Center, they teach the kids lessons on conservation and inspire kids to love and protect animals and their ecosystem, they teach what we can do to help the local fauna, like leaving a little painted can or bucket with water in the shade for frogs to call that their home and then they keep the bugs in check around your home.
Another good idea was to make a little rectangle wood box with a hole in the upper side of it, to make it an Owl Home, owls also eat snakes and other night visitors!
We also met a King snake, which, after learning about these amazing animals, I wish I could have them around my backyard! King Snakes are so important because they actually EAT Rattle snakes and other poisonous snakes! Amazing! My kids and I were so amazed by this information.
Thumbs up for Sea World, I may get emotional about the whales and animals in captivity but it is really an educational place and they do treat the animals with love. I wish they did not make so many shows for the killer whales on Sunday but I also know that those huge mammals need lots of activity; maybe they do enjoy it…

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Shine said...

correction it was a phyton! hehe I was not listening a word I was watching at the big snake o-O