Monday, July 23, 2012

Papaya Healing Fruit.

Papaya fights constipation and chronic inflammation of the Colon. Papaya is an amazing fruit, contains an amazing enzyme called papaina (Spanish name) and chymopapain needed for effective digestion, because this enzyme breaks down into amino acids all the proteins that we ingest, this is great news because it means that it will make all the nutrients in the food you eat to be highly absorbable, giving your body the signal of fullness, and also you will cleanse your body from toxins in your intestinal tract.

Papaya comes from the Papayo tree, original from the tropical regions of America South America & Mexico.

Eating Papaya helps digestion of other foods that are not easy to digest, papain is the enzyme and the pepsin dissolves the fibrin of meat protein to convert albumin (protein) in peptone (amino acid)
Vitamin C and pro vitamin for the liver for vitamin A.
Papaya is better if eaten raw and ripe.
Papaya is a wonderful natural laxative, without harming the mucus of the intestines.
Patients with cancerous tumors and lymphatic tumors should eat papaya.
People with hormonal unbalances can also benefit from papaya.
Eating papaya improves your digestion, stops bloating or chronic indigestion also supports healthy cholesterol in your arteries, God has given us our medicine in our food. Papaya stops the inflammatory processes in the colon, and this is also why is recommended in patients with cancer, ulcerative colitis, most cancers or chronic diseases like arthritis come from chronic inflammation.

The Seeds of the papaya are good against parasites in the intestines, 20 to 30 grams of the seeds previously dried.
After eating the seeds of the papaya, is recommended to take some laxative oil as mineral oil 3 table spoons, or olive oil half of a cup, or even the whole or half papaya so the parasites get out of your system.

Papaya is known around the world with different names like Paw Paw, Papaw, Tree Melon, Papaya tree looks like a little palm tree type of tree, they easily grow in warm weather. It is a large tree plant fruit usually reaching 3 pounds.
It does taste bitter sweet; I love to make papaya water and add a tiny bit of sugar, or cut it into squares and eat it with lemon and a pinch of salt. It grows in Central America, Thailand, Africa and Asia and growing well in Australia. I wonder if I can grow some in Texas. Chewable Papaya Enzyme Plus - 360 Tablets (Google Affiliate Ad)

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