Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hands on Healing.

I am an strong believer of healing touch, I do believe because I have experienced all of my life, when I was younger at my parents house my sisters will come to me and ask me for a massage when they had a pain, migraine or swollen muscle or sprain, it always helped. I believe in the gifts of the holy spirit. I have been intrested on everything that has to do with healing since I was 5 years old. I helped a dog mommy to have her pups when I was 7 and it just came to me as an instict inside of me, that is just one example of many. When I grew up and had to pick a carrer, I chose medicine, but after 4 years I realize that it was not the kind of healing I wanted to practice, I notice how many things where effective and necessary but others that weren't, I found I needed something else, so I started to study deeply into natural healing and all kinds of methods and disciplines. God sent me for 2 years to Computer System Enginnering and after that more holistic medicine, and now I am a Mom and I have a blog for natural healing tips.
I wanted to share with you this cool website about Hands on Healing

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