Thursday, July 12, 2012


Get your Free Solar Power DIY book! We all want to save and contribute to a better place on earth for our children. Here is a great resource to learn more about Solar Power.
Solar Power decided to give away this 18-page report to help you learn about solar: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT SOLAR POWER. Solar power can help you get off the grid, say goodbye to the power company, and achieve energy independence for you and your family.
Here you can download their newest report, udpated in April of 2012:
•In this free report you'll get answers for the following questions:
•How does solar power work?
•How much does it cost?
•Where should I put a system?
•How much solar power do I need for my situation?
•Can I do it myself?
•Should I hire a professional?

I am downloading mine! I want to make sure I learn about solar power so I know how to start implementing all of the great ideas out there!

Free Solar Book

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