Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Viral infections gone Bacterial.

Simple viruses sometimes produce bacterial infections, then the use of antibiotics is necessary. My family and I got sick last week with a crazy virus that turn into bacterial ear infection, my daughter had to take azitromicin and I did too, my ears where hurting so much and felt so plugged and I got dizzy sometimes you just have to go with antibiotics. But you can also implement some natural remedies for the symptoms and to make it go faster, like using zicam to get rid of your cold faster and avoid worst complications, and then I apply in my ears with a syringe half of peroxide with half warm water (after boiling the water), is like a rinse you don’t need to leave it for a long time, do it twice daily, also I did rinse my ears and nose with saline solution, you can do it at home with some clean filtered water (1 cup) then mix a pinch of salt, doing this really give relief to my ears and helped with the congestion in my sinuses.

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