Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Most Powerful Affirmation Ever.

I have decided to follow Jesus.
This sentence is immensely powerful, one of the most positive decisions that you may take in your life.
Pronouncing this affirmation “I have decided to Follow Jesus” is not about going to church every Sunday, not even about reading the bible every day, Church and bible are necessary resources to keep in tune with the word of God, but what really makes the difference is to in fact try to be just like our Lord Jesus,
Is like a child, at his 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years of life, may not be able to be like his father in one day, but throughout all the rest of his life will learn to be like his father.
The same way we have our whole life to learn to be like Jesus, and if you may not decide to follow him then you will be lost, just like a child that doesn’t have a father and loving guidance.
Outside your family nobody really cares about you, Jesus is your Father and loves you very much, following him may be a challenge the biggest challenge of your life, but when you follow him you are in the right path, and that path that sometimes will be rocky and steep but He will always be there holding your hand to bring you wherever He may wish you to go.
And not just that, when the road of material life comes to an end, if you have been in his company all this time, He will take you with him to the highest place in heaven to enjoy eternal life in a perfect place where there is no more cry or hard work but only contempt and happiness, love and security! Surrounded by all your loved ones!
Is a matter of love, logic, faith and consistency. Every time you feel like is too hard to follow Him ask Him to wait for you and help you, ask him for extra guidance, an extra push to keep following Him.

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