Monday, April 16, 2012

Life in Texas.

We recently moved from IL to Texas because of my husband's job. I like it here but I miss so many things. Lots of changes! Is not the first time we move we are kind of used too but this time was harder because we had been for 6 years in IL. Texas is a great weather is really nice. I looked out the window in the distance I saw 3 COYOTES! I guess out there is not the place to go jogging:p Driving into Texas my daugther notice the huge amount of flags all over Texas and U S flags in every corner. She said to me... Mommy I think that the people here think that the flag is very important! :) and she is rigth. Not that in other states they dont but they are really patriotic. I am also exited because everywhere I go I see a family or two that himeschool their children and there is so much stuff to do with other parents and their hs children.

Last sunday we attended a really nice church and the people were so nice and friendly
. I needed the spiritual food after so many days of driving and moving and all the hard work that we made also the sacrifices and the emotional aspect, not easy to deal with. This place doent feel like home just yet :/ but tomorrow we are expecting the movers and that will be good. Then we will have to unpack
I hope soon we can be all settle and I can start blogging cool stuff :-).

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