Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chia Seed = Omega 3 = Linoleic Acid = Natural Fat Burner + vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

CHIA SEED is black aprox. 1mm in diameter, this seed contains a fatty acid that burns body fat. It cannot be synthesized by your body so you must ingest foods with it, if you want it in your system. Chia seed is a food that ancient Aztecs included in their common diets. My Mom used to add the chia seed to lemonade, limeade or any other fruit water. You can also mix it in bread, muffins, and any food you like. Chia Seed helps your body to feel satisfied when eating because when you ingest it, the fibers of chia absorbs liquids in your body and grows in a way that tells your body, that you are full. Chia seed contains Linoleic Acid that helps burn fats because when we ingest in good quantities there is a substance called peroxisome that is like a burning fat machine in your body. it Burns the fat inside the fat cells. The more Linoleic acid you consume the more peroxisome is in the cells to burn the fat. How to prepare it: One tablespoon of chia seed for every 200 ml of water, and drink one glass 30 min before every meal. In a week you can start to see results in your weight. Chia Seed can help in diabetes, cihrrosis and obesity, high cholesterol. Also remember that Omega 3 of animal sources is needed and you can find it naturally in fish, and don't forget to breastfeed your babies, because breast milk contains high quantities of Omega 3. My Microbiology teacher used to remind us every day that Omega 3 plays a very important role in human brain evolution, we need to consume Omega 3 if we want our next generation be smarter than us. Buy Online

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