Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steps towards Healthy Living.

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To improve your health you need to start by changing bad eating habits for good ones, we cannot just stop doing what we have always done and leave an empty space in our life, we need to keep our mind and body busy doing something new and positive.
Something that can be really motivating is to make sure that you are well informed by reading good books, magazines and search in the web to find the new discoveries and especially ancient treatments and ancient or spefic eating habits of cultures with good health to preserve or restore your health.
You should research about everything you need to know concerning the condition of your interest. An attitude of criticism is necessary, put everything to doubt and find out for yourself and from trusted sources what works and what doesn’t. A wide criterion is necessary and to have the knowledge of what we are trying to understand. Developing the habit of reading the articles from who is supporting or opposing a medical theory and the reviews from actual patients that recieve these treatments.

Try to not experiment with new medications that haven’t been in the market for more than a few years. I am not talking about antibiotics; I am talking about some vaccines or new non tested drugs (mean in humans).
gardasil vaccine, flu vaccine painkillers, anti depressants. Urgent warning about gardasil Girl before and after gardasil.
I recently watched a movie that shows a horrible reality The Medicated Child, it breaks my heart seen how the little ones are being affected sometimes because of the greed and the ignorance of all the adults around them involving the innocence of the parents, the greed of the pharmaceuticals and the indifference of the doctors.

Knowledge has become more accessible with the use of internet and smart phones, we must be informed to protect ourselves and loved ones. Government and FDA are supposed to be there to protect your liberties and other rights but they are not perfect.
We must make sure we have one priority when it comes to our health and that is the prevention of illness, and this starts in your home, in your kitchen, in the grocery store.
Remember what wise Hyppocrates said: Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine by your food.

Did you know that Polio vaccine has somehow alive viruses that feed from the pancreatic cells? Yes, you guess right. This is causing children to become ill with diabetes. I Know that polio is a horrible disease, but in this times the risk is much lower too! is almost erradicated, why to keep giving this pathogens to our children's body as soon as they come out from the womb?
I believe that is somehow not right that in schools they force the parents to vaccinate their children, I believe that is the parents decision to take. I am not talking about not paying attention to your children's health but the oppostite! I know in this country and all over the world people is getting willingly active in their health, and it is wonderful because is the right path to prevention.
Prevention involves a healthy lifestyle and by that I mean being aware of the benefits and dangers of all the foods out there, being aware of all the benefits and dangers of all the medicines and vaccines.
Know the benefits and dangers of all the herbal teas, supplements, vitamins, etc...
Healthy mind in a healthy body.
We need to cleanse our body, keep it clean, healthy, working as good as possible, do as much as you can because God has given to our amazing wraping (our body) the ability to heal itself, we just need to give it the right maintainence :).

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