Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Safe Educational Internet for Children and more!

Tuki Safe Internet for Kids
I have two kids and they absolutely love electronics and technology, it is imposible to keep them away from computers, smartphones and else. The key to be safe and keep your sanity is to find a way for your children to have access to all this devices and information through safe sites, this is why Tuki is a wonderful option for parents that want their children to learn playing games and also get rewarded for good behaviors and more. I am not saying that you should let the computer or any site to educate your children, but it is a safe way to let them do what they enjoy in a safe and smart way :)
So go ahead and take a look at this amazing website I have found
Give your child access to educational games & online activities, where kids can Play, Learn, Earn & Win with our patented educational rewards system.
Give your child a kid safe email account you can depend on! Our proprietary web-based email allows your children to send and receive emails using our buddy system. Your child can only communicate with buddies that you approve.
Let your children navigate in a safe ocean of information :)

educational games for kids

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