Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Safe for Human Consumption Silica Fiber Free Alpiste.

Buy Silica Fiber Free Alpiste

I want to share with you a great website where you can actually purchase one of the best foods ever as well as review their recipes.

Pureza is the finest Silica Fiber Free Canary Seed.
People have long used the seeds of canary grass (native to the Mediterranean) to make canary seed milk or leche alpiste, a nutritious dietary supplement as well as a good source of protein and iron, also helps regenerate cells from pancreas and liver so it is a natural medicine too.
Remember to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates
This is a great source of nutrients, not only a supplement but a whole food.

Pureza canary seed Silica Fiber Free Alpiste is sourced directly from trusted farmers in Canada.

Here is tons of information about Alpiste alpiste

Traditional canary seed is Safe for birds, not humans.

The traditional canary seed varieties (typically sold as bird food) do not harm birds. Birds don’t eat whole canary seed. Instead they use their beaks to crack open the hulls and only eat the grain inside, and throw out the outer shell.

You should never consume a canary seed drink made with traditional canary seed varieties. The reason for this is that you are consuming potentially dangerous silica fibers from the hull, which has been linked to cancer in humans.
To be safe and get all the benefits from this miracle food and medicine you need to get Silica Fiber Free Alpiste Safe for Human Consumption.
Alpiste is a tremendously nutritious food and I am so happy that there is finally a way to enjoy one of the gifts of nature in a safe way.
Buy Silica Fiber Free Alpiste
The new “hairless” canary seed, free of silica fibers.

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