Monday, November 21, 2011

Movies advertising marijuana.

It is obvious that movie industry has influences in the behavior of people, especially to teen agers because of the chemical and emotional process they are going through.
Edward Lawrenson, deputy editor said that He doesn’t believe that is the role of the film industry to educate public about health. And if he is right about this, then why the film industry does educates our young and adults into drug abuse as a if drug abuse is totally normal healthy habit.
The last couple movies I’ve watched involved a young or an adult using marijuana. I told my husband; this is the best advertising for the drug dealers.
I wonder why if the movie industry gets some kind of pay if they get the advertisement for drug use in movies?
It is disturbing for parents like me that want to protect their children of the dangers of drug abuse and other dangers, I believe we should not allow this to happen at least starting in our homes, by not watching this kind of movies or letting the media know what whe think about this kind of misinformation.

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