Friday, October 28, 2011


When we talk about safety we think about being safe at home or your children at school and the list just keeps growing to insire our future and your kids future and all this is needed at some extent but in our race to safety we forget sometimesthat the real safety can come just from the one and only God Yahve. When we make plans for ourselves and our children we must not believe for one second that we can do this by ourselves and when adnowledging this we can feel the relief that gives you the help of our almigthy Father in all you do. We cannot buy a plan because God already has one. We must try to do what is possible within our posibilities but do not try to control everyting because then you will have to learn the lesson... God is in charge, for your and my convinience He is our Father He loves us and we cannot ask for a better one. Learning to listen the Holy Spirit helps you understand so many things and to not feel so scared all the time. The.sitiation in the country and all around the world is not great but we must be strong in faith and proyect all kind of good energy and efforts in our families and communities to help each other to keep our hopes and find solutions to this new challenges in our world. If we all do as Our Lord Jesus told us to do then we will be fine and that will be the only way. The world must forget and leave in the past all negative actions. So we need more faith and more positive actions. Acts of kindness and compassion. Know and believe that whatever action you take against another person you are actually taking against yourself. Because this is a inmutable truth and if you dont believe you will in the end. So lets open our eyes now. Lets start living this truths of love and protect your families with the One and Only that can actually keep you safe : God.
May you have the sweetest and pacefull nigth.

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