Monday, October 10, 2011

Immune diseases are related to weight gain.

Immune diseases are related to weight gain. Did you know that when we eat foods that are overcooked or not raw, that contain toxins or genetically modified organism your body reacts to this, your immune system sees these foods as a treat, and the immune response activates in your body by attacking those food like if they were harmful to your body, and they are. So when you ingest this kind of foods your receptors don’t tell your body that you had have enough to eat, so we over eat! When you have the right amount and quantities of almost raw or raw foods the receptors in your stomach tell your brain that you have had enough and then we stop eating. The only way we can stop this is by giving our body the foods in the way God has give it to us in nature, raw or almost raw, naturally organic and pure. These fruits, veggies, seeds, fish, contain highly absorbable nutrients and the body immediately takes these nutrients into our system to every cell in your body so it can be perfectly healthy and nurture. This is the only way my audience, to be healthy and strength your bodies so your body can do its miracles, like healing itself. Remember Hippocrates father of medicine said,” let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. Supplements of vitamins and minerals are actually good, in the right amount, but anyway try to get all your nutrients from healthy foods. Don’t forget to wash everything. May God bless you and help us to be healthier by cooking healthier meals to our families and spread the word.

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