Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eating Organic and Buying Organics is Worth It.
Eating organic foods is eating organic goods and it is worth it, in the last year I have been trying to buy just organic products, sometimes non organics are ok when you are talking about lettuce, but it comes to fruits and for example bananas that are only 20 cents more than the regular bananas I definitely go for organic, also carrots, now let me tell you a interesting story about baby carrots VS normal size carrots, I am not sure if baby carrots are GMOs, I don’t recall seeing baby carrots when I was a child, anyway we decide to put regular big carrots against regular baby carrots, me and my kids place a bowl filled with baby carrots and another one filled with big carrots both peeled and washed and nicely put, then we place the bowls out in our backyard that is usually filled with at least two silly rabbits, so we left them there and wait to see which carrots will the rabbits prefer, (nature is wise), anyway we make our bets! Then a few hours later my son call me and told me a rabbit was eating the carrots, and amazingly the rabbit was eating the big carrots, I would think that the rabbit would go for the little ones because they are easier to munch and eat, but not the case, the rabbits eat all two big carrots and did not come back to eat the baby carrots until the next day! I guess is just something to consider when we pick our foods, recently I read about how is it that the GMO’s can actually affect our health and this is done by a mutation on any kind of bacterial cell in your body that could mix its DNA with that bacteria and then create a Super bug, has we have seen in recent years, Sad!. So let’s pay more attention to what we eat and feed our families, I am, and I am trying to keep doing it every day I go to the market and every day I offer any food to my loved ones. FDA doesn’t care about them, but I DO. here is a great website about eating organic on a budget.

Also I wanted to warn you about the highly toxic chemicals in some brand clothing fabrics. The biggest organ in your body Your Skin, is expose to this chemicals all day and night long and that is why is also a good idea to find nice organic products free of this toxics.

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