Saturday, August 27, 2011

Should I drink Nopalea?

The Nopalea boom, I have to be honest the properties of this gentle cactus fruit are amazing, like many other natural wonders, for starters it is proven to reduce inflammation one of the number one causes of cancer , ulcers and other chronic illnesses, cleans your bloodstream of toxins, it also contains great antioxidant properties (betalains), indigenous people that have lived in the Sonora desert for hundreds of years are among the healthiest people they don’t age as fast as we do and have better health even when they may not have the resources we have, you have to consider that the physical activity is also more than the average American and that they have sunlight to enjoy all year around.
Is known to help with asthma and respiratory tract illnesses, it is also a diuretic and avoids fluid retention.
I would recommend you to try to get the fresh cactus, there is also capsules and many juices PITAYAS in Mexico, and also there is other good cactus delicious TUNAS, and of course the cactus NOPAL so if you can get it as natural as they come it will be much better than drink it from a bottle where probably some of the nutrients are not as pure as they were in its natural form. Tunas sometimes can give you constipation if you eat more than 5.
Remember that we cannot heal by just doing one thing, or taking a pill or a magic beverage, we need to change our lifestyle and get busy figuring out how to improve in a positive way what we eat, drink and the physical activity we add to every single day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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