Monday, August 15, 2011

Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland: The Eye Of GodDearest people of God, who have faith, who have ears to hear, who has a mind to understand, that has a soul that has been saved and is thankful and grateful about this wonderful gift our Lord Jesus came to give and all the knowledge He came to share in a simple formula but so hard to follow sometimes, Love your God with all your might and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
There is so many things going on, there is so much information to read and learn, don't be mislead, know how to recognize your Lord God when you read, see or hear something.
“Good trees give good fruits”, so there you have it.
Let me tell you something really important you need to know to understand that knowledge is not evil, science is not evil, but for so many centuries governments and church have tried to keep us away from knowledge and keep us in the dark, by providing us with the basic needs, and specially controlling us by letting us believe that if we can get drunk, be rich financially and poor in spirit, watch pornography, getting away with wrong doing... we are free?
Guess what, you are prisoner of your their evil and plan and you are a prisoner of yourself.
Real freedom can be experienced anywhere, is your mind that needs to be free,
Free of your own brain negative hemisphere.
There you go, that is where the fight has to be done, inside your body by staying healthy and eating foods that promote your bodies health, clean of pollution and any dark toxic matter, by eating only what is pure and clean, the foods God place on earth for us to eat, fruits vegetables, He our Lord has placed inside us something called conscience, intuition, instinct, the little voice that tells you what is right and wrong, we must learn to listen, by telling our brain to practically Shut UP, and listen! Now if your body is full of pollutants your brain is too and is harder for you to understand anything or have a logical thinking, we must clean our bodies first, HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY = HEALTHY SPIRIT.
Our brain is half negative and half positive, if we fight our battles every day and victoriously win most of the battles or even all, then our mind, body and soul will me more alike our Jesus, He wanted us to develop all this and he explain with apples by saying to us, Love your God with all your might, and love your neighbor as you love yourself, because if you follow this simple rules TRULY, AND EVERYONE ON EARTH, then the earth will also shift into positive!
Your Pineal Gland is directly connected with God, and the Universe is the channel; all of our body is energy, is light, is magnetic and electric and responds to the earth’s and Universe actions and reactions.
God has told us that He loves us and He is with us, He can be with us if we open the door, but how can you REALLY experience God in your life, is not just believing but by ACTING ACORDING TO HIS WORD, every day and night of your life.
The Secret is not a Secret; God Jesus told us if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains!
Do we have the faith? Sometimes we want with all our heart and mind but we don't really get to the point of experience the miracles of God because we fail to REALLY believe it, you have to feel it, experience it, because as Jesus told us sometimes He answers before we asked.
Oh and don’t forget, you really need to know what you really, really want and start acting according to what you want, visualize and live it. Know that Yahweh will provide.
So, let’s bring all those positive loving thoughts, not selfishly but just as God wanted us to be with each other, we all need each other, that people that is in the dark and thinking that they need nuclear weapons, kill population, destroy a comet that is coming, all these people doesn't get the point,
that the leaf of a tree doesn't move, if is not by God's WILL.

Just God is Lord and just we can make a difference here in Earth to have a better quality of life.
Forget selfishness, forget envy, and forget the things that affect your body and mind. Start by living, believing, enjoying a new life for you and the people around you.
In the next post I will be talking about how to unclog the endocrine system of your body in other words the chakras, starting with the pineal gland, pituitary gland.
Then I want to share with you that Pi, is a constant is energy always moving in circle auto sustainable and Pineal comes from the same word pi

Pi= 3.1416
Pi Constant of light
3 Tree times. The Father, The Son (Jesus), The Holy Spirit (now and always)

Stay tuned :) oh and listen to nice soft positive music this makes your pineal gland vibrate and is good for your whole body, pineal gland is the main real Capitan of your body.

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