Friday, August 12, 2011

Alkalize your body with Lemon juice! good bye cancer.

I have always get confused with lemons and limes, in Mexico are called Limones and when I use the translator shows Limon=Lemon so hope this is right and I have translate for you a intresting article that I hope everyone can benefit from it.
Lemon juice alkalize the ph of your body, inhibits excesive production of liver bile. :)
Lemon benefits.

Lemons (citrus limonun Risso, Citrus Limon, citrus medica) is a miraculous product to kill cancerous cells.
10,000 stronger than chemotherapy.
Why nobody hears about this? Because there is especial interest on finding a synthetic version that can be processed and by that some organizations can get profits.
So now you can help a friend in need, letting them know that drinking lemon juice prevents illness. Tastes good and of course it doesn’t produce the secondary effects of chemotherapy.
Make sure you don’t drink any lemon juice with preservatives make sure is natural squished juice.
In the US is hard to find lemons at a reasonable price, but I have found that the grocery stores like Meijer and market Caputo’s have the best lemons price always fresh, I go every two weeks and buy about 20 to 30.
I love add lime to cucumbers, chips and drink half a cup of lemon and lime juice in the morning helps you to lose weight too! sounds crazy but did you know that lemons as acidic as they are... they are the strongest alkalizer ever? which explains why is so good against cancer!!!

Lime trees are small and if you live in florida or a warm place you can have one in your backyard it doesn’t take much space known with names as limonero, limon, limoeiro, llimoner, limoiaritz.
The strong anti cancerous effects of lemons are various and are strong enough to destroy cist and tumors. This plant is a proven remedy against any type of cancer in the early stage preferable, Some say that it works in all kinds of cancers.
Is also used as a anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, great against internal parasites (specially the seed of the limes), regulate arterial pressure and is anti-depressive and helps to fight nervous system disorders.

The source of this information is fascinating: comes from one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, who said that after more than 20 lab test done in the year 1970 the articles revealed that:
Destroys cancerous cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostatic, lung and pancreatic…
The compounds of this tree show that works 10,000 times better reducing the growth of cancerous cells than Adriamycin (chemotherapy drug communally used in the world)
What is even more awesome: this kind of therapy with the lime extract destroys ONLY the cancerous cells and does NOT affect the healthy cells.

Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud, L.L.C. 819 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 1201

¡¡¡¡forward to the world...!!!!

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