Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robotic Surgery Dr. Jorge Gutierrez Aceves.

More than 17 years ago my Mom got into surgery at the ISSTE Hospital which is the public healthy hospital, she was on hands of a Dr. who did let student finish up surgery which caused her kidney to shut down.
Then she end up with a single kidney but that kidney had stones but 17 years ago, she found a great Urologist Specialist Dr. Jorge Gutierrez Aceves who had performed laparoscopy to remove a stone of a single kidney, successfully.
Dr. Jorge Gutierrez Aceves who as I said removed the stones affecting the single kidney my Mom had is now getting my Mom ready to perform Robotic Surgery he is so great and good at what he does so responsible, he works in the
Instituto de Cirugia Robotica Puera de Hierro (Robotic Surgery Institute Puerta de Hierro).
He and his team had place a drain on my Mom's kidney because she had an infection to clear out before the surgery.
I and all my family are praying to God for my Mom, the Doctor and all of us.
I wanted to share this, because I know there is people out there with probably the same problem and don't know where to go, Dr. Gutierrez actually goes all over the world to perform this kind of surgery.
We have faith in God, and we are sooooooo thankful for all the prayers that family and friend have for my Mom. God Bless you Dr. Jorge Gutierrez Aceves and my sister Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Alejandra Chavez de Robles who has been helping out so much in this hard times for everyone.
God Bless you!!!

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