Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new leader for America.

Ron Paul Was Right - Bumper StickerThere is nothing more powerful than God and for us humans there is nothing more powerful than to believe and have faith on God and trust that He will do all the things we cannot do, after doing our best effort of course!
I have been worried about the economy I wonder how is people doing with out a job? is there anything that can be done?, is there a way to reverse all the wrong doings of our gov. and ourselves to put America in the right path once more?
I have heard Ron Paul speaking and I sense truth on his words, he sounds like he knows what is he talking about, he actually have plans to do it, that others don't.
I want to say that people must take responsability for whatever happens in 2012 elections, this is going to impact the whole world not just America, and we the people have an obligation of going out and vote, as citizens of America and the whole world.
May God bless every heart, now the path is and will always be our Lord Jesus, but we need a leader to guide us in the way we the people can fix this country.

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