Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Love my God and I love my Mom so much.

Love Your God with All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul
It is amazing the number of people with kidney affections, my dear sweet Mom is going into surgery tomorrow morning, I just keep praying that everything goes well, they are to extract tree kidney stones of a single kidney, we know that our doctor is good, the technology is good and my Mom is strong in spirit and God is with her and with the doctors and God will be healing her and giving her strength.
All prayers are needed.
I know this is a blog about Natural healing, and I wanted to share something with you, because disease can be prevented if we do “most of the time” like 99% what is best for our mind, spirit and bodies.
I don’t want to criticize catholic believes or anyone but when my mom was younger she used to attend often to catholic church, where once she heard that fasting by not drinking water during days in a row it was needed sacrifice in order to be good in God’s eyes!
How come, if God has giving you life to appreciate it, to live longer and happy so you can do his works! 
Add to that nonstop work plus 9 children and high blood pressure.
There you go the recipe to disaster = kidney stones.
But thanks to God my mom after the first surgery stick to a natural regime she drink her teas, eat fruits and vegetables, avoid too meat, drink LOTS OF WATER, and Pineapple juice, etc… that is why, when my mom went to the doctor he said that he did not know how is it that my mom was still urinating because her body has grown a huge single kidney and even with the swollenness and 3 kidney stones.
Once you have had history of a disease like that you have to go for checkups with your doctor at least once a year, do not let the time go by because the faster you find out that something is wrong the higher the chances are that you can recover.
I believe in natural healing but here is when we have to thank God for technology and science and good doctors, there is times that when they have gone this far surgery is needed, thank goodness this is the least invasive procedure.
I want to thank so much to my sister Dr. Ale, my Dad, Juli, Sergio, Mon, Dani, my Grandma and aunt that have been so supportive in all aspects to overcome this obstacle, thanks to all my family for the prayers and this is a reminder to us all that we need God in our lives and that prayers shouldn’t wait until something bad comes your way, but when they are good too, we cannot wait to be there with you!

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