Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a while the waiting for the summer but is finally here, is it amazing the positive effect that sun light has on our body and soul. I am trying getting out as much as I can and especially get my kids out to play in the sun; we are like plants no sun light, no life. I wonder if many of the skin diseases in this part of the globe are due to lack of sun light or lack of exposure than when we do get sun then we become ill.
Well time to enjoy summer~! I have found a great website where you can get all your coupons before go shopping, have you notice how expensive all groceries are getting? Especially here in Illinois, I am disappointed with this estate I have to say it, I cannot longer have my Amazon astore because I am resident of Illinois, the estate passed a law to charge taxes on internet base sales and business, so no more Amazon for us Illinois residents, and then my friend move to Indiana! Anyway so here is a good website to save some good dollars and make less painful the grocery shopping experience great deals in coupons.
grocery coupons

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