Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Journey

Life is a journey in which you don’t know your destination neither your companion, or who will you find, life is a journey filled with opportunities, mystery and surprises that you can’t control… not until you know where” you” want to go and with who.
It doesn’t matter if this place exists or if you haven’t meet your companion, not just yet.
What it matters is that you have decided this for you and visualize your dream and feel it as if it was real, own it! And this means have faith.
The longer it takes you to realize that God is all you need from start to end and else, the moment you realize you need nothing but God, faith and knowing he is there. There! Dream comes true!
Make your wish, imagine it in a bubble and send it to fly out in the universe, it worked for me :)



Biologiando said...

I agree! positive thoughts will always pull positive things!

Shine said...

that's right :)