Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sodium Bicarbonate

My grandma and mom used sodium bicarbonate for so many things, I call it the universal mineral, I have been using sodium bicarbonate to deodorize carpets, to clean and bleach my teeth, to clean my fish tank, instead antiperspirants as deodorant a little pinch, as a buffer for stomach acidity, for asthma: one half spoon in apple juice or orange juice, and now I found out that it also helps to cure cancer! Half spoon in half a glass of water.
Sodium bicarbonate is in our bodies to keep a ph balance, the kidneys are in charge of this process but when in a sick or intoxicated body, this buffer doesn't get to be synthesized, so the acidity in our body produces chronic inflammation, and ulcers and cell alterations, also acidity in your body means more infections and a poor immune system.
So there you go, is not a surprise for me God has given to us all we need, we just need to have faith :)

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surjit said...

Very informative post.I am also suffering from chronic acidity. I shall no try Sodium bicarbonate.
Thanks Shine for sharing.
God bless.