Monday, April 4, 2011

José Arguelles-2012 Prophecy-Part 1

Lately I have felt there is something in the air and in the world that is different out of the ordinary we have been living on earth for years and years, this time is different, this time the change is global and is cosmic and we need to learn what is going on for us to understand the changes.
This doesn't mean that you are failing to your faith in Jesus Christ, this is part of God's plan and he is familiar because he is our Father and we are His children and He loves us. But we cannot pretend nothing is happening and we cannot pretend that our old ways are going to be enough when the time comes to survive what is next. Yes our faith will save us there is no doubt about that, the truth will save us too.
Spiritual Healing is going on at light speed and if you are feeling uncomfortable it may be something inside that needs to be fixed don't shut the pain because this is the ring for you to do something about it. The bible has tons of good advice and maybe all the advice you will ever need, but there is nothing bad about research the cientific part of all.
God bless us all.

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