Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movie Industry and their attachement to Drugs.

Glorify God in Your Body (Spirituality)The Making of a Drug-Free America: Programs That WorkI am really disappointed in the movie industry, they have been advertising drug in every movie they made, how can we as parents do something to change things in this world and start cutting from the root the negative things that impact our children’s life?
Can us as parents stand up for our children and say enough is enough!
I am serious, watch the latest movies all around it don’t matter if is a romantic comedy or a drama, or an action movie they all include drugs on the menu!
Who is paying Hollywood or the movie industry to ADVERTISE DRUGS ON MOVIES!
And if that is not enough… media is now trying to justify the use of marijuana as medicinal drug…
Whatever! I am as natural as they come and I have NEVER, needed marijuana for any remedy, I don’t doubt that there is properties in this plant like in many others, but this is being used as a excuse for ever drug addict to get hooked and act like is normal… what is this bs?
You know, why they don’t advertise other plants that are much more miraculous than cannabis?
Like chamomile? Gordolobo? Tilo? Pau du arc? And I have a list of thousands of plants.
People that want to mess with drugs will fool just themselves, but the thing is that now there is so many people doing it, and is so scary that our children are exposed to a society so attached to the use of substances to achieve happiness… because the spirit is so empty and hungry… hungry for Love, hungry for God, if you do not feed your soul with what is needed, you will always be hungry dear little ones.
Feed your body and your spirit with the right food the right spiritual food, love, moral, values, know yourself, know where are you coming from, know where are you going, know who is your Father.

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