Friday, February 25, 2011

My review on Tamiflu.

Children's Tylenol Fever Reducer & Pain Reliever, Ages 2-11, Grape 3.38 fl oz (100 ml)Tamiflu deemed safe for children despite reports; FDA panel looks at oseltamivir, eight other drugs as part of a mandated 1-year postexclusivity review.(News): An article from: Family Practice NewsMy review on Tamiflu.
I have been very eseptic about antiviral medication because it is our immune system’s job to deal with viruses entering our body, but this time I got a little bit scared about my daughter 2 day high fever and just to make sure went to the doctor’s office who decide to put my daughter on Tamiflu for 5 days,.
I have heard that Tamiflu have so many adverse reactions and the only benefit that offers if that is to shorten the flu ONE DAY if that!
Anyway I did give her the Tamiflu, fever keep going, the progress of the sickness stayed untouched and the cons were that she was vomiting, with stomach pain, nausea, dizzy, lose any appetite and lost a lot of weight,
I know a flu can cause vomit, lost of appetite and fever, but add to that… stomach pain, dizziness, nightmares, that is what happen to my daughter anyway, but I read that Tamiflu can also produce behavior changes and kids can self injure as a consequence, I want to imagine that Tamiflu has an effect at a cerebral and nerve system.
On the other hand, my son one year younger than my daughter catch the flu too, influenza type B then a different doctor saw him and did not recommend Tamiflu but give me the option, he said that is not of a great benefit against the cons of this medication, so I let the doctor prescribe the medicine but I never give it to him, my son had fever for one day less than my daughter, he was not dizzy, his stomach did not hurt, he slept well, he did eat much better than my daughter and they are both have a dry cough, but my son seems to be doing better than my daughter getting rid of this flu.
So I just wanted to write about my experience with Tamiflu and I am not saying you should not give this medication to your kids I am helping you weigh the pros and cons so you can take a decision, because at the end you are the parent and your kids are your responsibility, not the doctors, doctors are good most of them and they will tell you what they have learn and what they have been teach.
I think this medication has to be used carefully and maybe just when patients are totally in need of stop the flu if they have a chronic condition or low immune system, but even then, if you do that you should keep those patients in a hospital room because with the vomit and nausea and lost of appetite you can easily go into dehydration and you immune system can be not strong enough to fight the viruses.

Don't forget to give pedialyte or gatorade or tons of other fluids to your children when they are sick especially if they have vomit, diarreah, and lots of rest, don't send them to school either.

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