Sunday, February 6, 2011


My son has been trouble breathing with his nose for the past year, and we have tried herbal teas which have help improve but not 100% in some cases like this is good to have a good Doctor around. My son's adenoids are so big they are obstructing the air channel so he is a mouth breather which is very unconfortable for him, he has to chose between breath or eat and specially unconfortable at night, he kicks and moves around so much. My husband and I have decided with the Doctor that an adenoidectomy is necessary and we just pray that everything will go just fine. Our Doctor Feodore Ung is great surgeon and he and his team perform from 500 to 800 surgeries every year. Specially in young children. Surgery for your child can be scary idea but I have research the procedure and it seems like everything will go great and finally my son will be able to enjoy perfect health and eat and sleep better :)
Adenoidectomy procedure

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