Saturday, January 8, 2011

Internet tax law about to pass for bussines like Amazon in Illinois.

Recently I got an email from my Amazon Associates letting me know that my account may be canceled as all the other accounts from members that reside in the state of Illinois. The reason was because the politicians in Illinois want to sign and pass a law to charge taxes on internet bussines. Where in many other states this law has beeing denied and not pass, Gov. Pat Quinn seems to be about to sign. I have write a letter to him asking him to do not sign this law so we can keep getting the benefit of this great companies that really help other people with out charging any money in advance, Amazon is a great company that has given tons of people the oportunities that the goverment and other bussines haven't give to citizens, hope!
Where is the Hope now? I really hope that Gov. Pat Quinn does not pass this law and show how he cares about the needs of people in this country.
Write to Gov. Pat Quinn to let him know that we do not agree with this law.

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