Saturday, June 5, 2010

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In the past my grandmother and mom wore avocado, tomato, oils and herbs for skin care but now several hot and popular trends are emerging for facials especially for eyes and lips and do not forget the anti-aging lotions, personally I have always look for the good products that are natural based, I rather those products that do not test in animals and use mostly natural ingredients.
Every morning I notice puffiness around my eyes and some swelling and of course the wrinkles I hate, I have used some natural products to make the swelling go away as cucumbers around my eyes and other facials containing avocado oil. I love the mist made from natural plant extracts this are always refreshing and make my skin look great and healthy, essential oil based lotions are great too. Some anti- aging products have given me allergies or pimples. Less processed products have given me better results. A great tip to have great facial skin is hydrotherapy, rinse your face every morning with cold water, then leave it to dry by itself. This procedure is so simple and the benefits are many, by doing this you improve the blood circulation into your facial cells. Dermajuv Skin products has a new great product Hydropeutic Body Lotion, the formula is specifically engineered to firm and lift skin, this is a great product that claim soothe irritation and protect skin from the toxins in the enviroment! This product contains green and white tea, sesaflash for lifting out wrinkles. Dermajuv is also implementing the perfect compliment to everyone's beauty regimen, meaning good healthy tips.
I am so happy that labs are now trying to listen to consumers that demand green, vegan certified and cruelty free cosmetics, people now is so worried about the environmental impact of the products we buy.
There are some interesting products out there as the cell cleansing, cell repair, wrinkle repair and as long as these products meet my expectations I will try them gladly.
For example have you heard about the new cosmetics that claim to enhance mood by using simple aromatherapy oils, these scents via hypothalamus creates a well being state, some of this Neurocosmetics claim to improve sleep quality and relaxation because they are adding the holistic healing to their products, isn’t that amazing!
So I believe that cosmetic products that are going in the right direction and will stay in the market to be successful are the ones that are following what the people demands now days, natural stuff!

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