Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Natural and Supernatural Healing

Holy Bible: Contemporary English VersionIn my life I have gone from the most materialistic and basic way of healing as allopathic medicine, to the knowledge of the ancient combined with the new discoveries about herbs, supplements, minerals, proteins, specific amino acids; reflexology, auriculotherapy or acupuncture, therapeutic massage. You know what I have found that all of them have in common? That they only work if you have faith! the basic ingredient in any treatment or even better to keep yourself healthy and prevent falling ill, is faith. Faith is key in living a life full of love, because if you have love for yourself and your neighboor, you will love God, because God loves you and all his power and love and protection is there for you.
And there is nothing we can do with out Him, Our Lord Jesus is waiting for us to open the door and let him in, so he can heal you, protect you and help you progress in life, if you walk with Him you will be safe.
Isn't that what we tell our children day and night?
Listen to mommy and Daddy, and then you will be fine.
If you disobey you will get in trouble.
Even if you misbehave I will still love you.
My love for you is forever, and you will always be my baby.
That, the love of a Father is what can help you understand how great God’s love is for His children. We can not even imagine how big and powerful that is.
Yet we need to understand so we can live our life with the confidence of His love surrounding us second after second of the day.
God wants what is best for us, even when we do not know what it is.
But we have to trust.
Remember years ago the day you were sick, and wanted a ice popsicle and your mother said to you, you can not have it because is cold and you are sick and if you have it, you will be feeling worst.
But you wanted that popsicle, but you Mom did not give it to you.
And then tree days after, when you were felling better, Your mom not just give you a popsicle, but took you out to the zoo and you had a pick nick outdoors and then went to the movies and after that you get ice cream your favorite flavor.
Same happens in our life, when we want so bad something and is not happening, there is a reason why, and only God knows.
We have to trust God, our Father and have faith, and be patient.
May God bless you today, heal all your illness and solve all your problems.
Open the door to Jesus in your life and let him take care of all your pains, you alone can not do it, nobody can. One child by himself cannot survive needs the father and the mother. Isn’t the same with our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father Yahweh?

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