Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have open my astore SOLAR at Amazon.com
The theme is based on Solar Energy and other alternative energy. The products listed in SOLAR are so intresting and amazing, also books with tips, and kits ready to use, books that can guide you to a successful achievement of growing your own gardens at home or having a solar oven!. We have to know the new technologies that soon will be very helpful in the process of changing.
Civilization is changing and we have to be ready and learn many things that our ancestors as farmers knew, but also we can take advantage of the new technology and advances in science.
I include a category called Solar Living where I posted the best and hot items that use solar energy. Also I have included Solar Harvest category where you can find all the products you need to grow your own herbs and vegetables and I will be adding more ideas that I know you will love, hydroponics is one of them, so I invite you to take a look at this great ideas. :)

I want to invite you to see my new store in Amazon.com at

Hope you find this useful and enjoy it! May God Bless you All!

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