Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi there, in this post I want to share with all my dear friends’ one of the sciences I have always loved and enjoy for years. When I lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. My Mom and I as some of my brothers and sisters attended periodically every Friday night to meetings in the "Guadalajara Planetarium" I want to share a link to this website if you like astronomy you can find very interesting information and learn more about our Universe.
I have always imagine that the micro cosmos has to be in ways similar to the macro cosmos, and that is why in the search of healing there is much more than understanding organs and cells, spiritual healing also comes when we try to understand our Universe, what we are, were we came from and “know ourselves”.
The ancient civilizations spend a lot of time of their life studying the sky, to feel connected and to learn more. there is great magazines out there like Sky & Telescope that you can enjoy.

Some Astronomers at explaining how media has manipulated info to exaggerate the shorting of days after the earthquake.
The earth may have shift inches, but that would affect the day just for microseconds, imperceptible to us.
I do believe that all what happens in the Universe around, affects us in some ways, I think positive mostly.
Just like the Sun shares His energy trough His Rays of Light and all the different kinds of light, the infrared, ultraviolet, gamma radiation…
In the bible says God saw what He has done, and it was good!
I think the Astros planets and moons in the Milky way and the even farer away celestial bodies share with us some kind of radiation and rays which are beneficial to us.
I strongly disagree to shoot the moon to get samples.
Why we have to shoot EVERYTHING THAT MOVES and what it doesn’t too?
Sickening, Moon affects tide in oceans that we know! What about the things that we don't know?, our little brains are so small to understand the whole Universe, we are Childs and we have to respect our Father God and respect His creation... including ourselves.

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