Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beautifull Full Moon

The full moon and me

Moon brings so many benefits to our lifes, heals, protects, feed your spirit. Is our mother as the sun is our father, just a representation I like to see.
I have read in psiquiatrics that psiquiatric patients go crasier when the moon is full, this is because they get the energy but they do not know how to canalize it.
The same happens sometimes when people is thinking of negative things this could get sometimes powerized that is why we need to give a positive guidence to our energy, is like a kid with nothing to do... what they do?, they just jump around untill they brake their head or something.
We are connected and energy runs trought our bodies, and some we storage.
I think that every thing that God gave us is a blessing and the Moon can't be a exception
Moon releases so much energy and her rays are feeding our earth and air in ways we cannot explain, yet.
I find myself very confortable and full of energy when the Moon is shining like this
is a shame that there is negative people thinking they can use this energy to produce spells and stuff, misticism is ignorance, there is not mistery, there is divine Science and the book is inside of you, start reading. Nothing is a secret under the Sun.
I hope when I talk about unusual things, don't give the wrong impresion of me beeing a witch and feel bad because inquisicion is over, but once at my Natural Medicine School in Mexico, a teacher shaman told us,
"If someone ever ask you or tell you, that you are a witch, tell them No I am not, I am a Ancient Natural Healer from the Indigenas Aztecs and Mayan cultures, witches were from Europe, so no I am not a witch. " :P

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surjit said...

Yes, you are right Shine.I always feel full of energy and it gives me a sense of being with Nature when I see full moon.A good post.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.