Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monosodium Glutamate

Others things that are very important in our life to prevent getting a cronic inflamatory condition that can cause a negative impact in our healt. I have talk about the toxins that get stuck in our arteries, and immune system blocking the linfatic channels making so dificult for our body to clean itself and have a fight reaction against strange agents in our body, well today I want to talk about One of the dangerous toxines that we are getting into our bodies so many times that can have a very negative impact in our healt since about 1947. This poison because for Me, that is what it is! Also make you fat, in the bottom of the post I add some websites that will help you understanding and learning more about this sustance that is sickening US and the world population every single day, and to our children too, maybe they don't want us to last to long, die soon after we are not longer able to work and beeing profitable for the economy... who knows what are the dark intentions, make us adiccts to this products so we keep buying, anyways please take note of this and do not use or abuse this Poison foods because you wont feel it now but it will show trought the years, now talking about foods also starches are very bad to your body they just get stuck and attached to your intestins and that leads to other problems but Ok here is the Deadly list of the food THAT YOU MUST NOT EAT ANY MORE! or limitate the intake to a minimun, I know is not easy, but prevention is the key...

This is the famous Monosodium Glutamate :(
We can find this "Add flavor and conservative formula" and adictive! In almost ALL the Processed canned food, as

Chicken broth
Chichen Noodle soup "that we give to our children or eat when we get a cold!" Imagine that!
All Canned soups of the US food industry
Beef and chicken of the US food industry
Flavored potato chips products of the US food industry
Snack foods
Frozen Dinners
US-originated fast foods
Instant meals such as the seasoning mixtures for Instant Noodles
Corn Nuts

Some companies whether intentionally or unknowingly use the words flavorings or spices even if other ingredients including MSG are present. This is technically against the regulation and should the company be questioned about it, would be required to update labels.

part of this blog also contains referal info coming from the next websites.
Have a great day and remember this when next time you go grocery shooping :)

May God iluminate us and guide us and give us strength to take care of our bodies as we try to do it with our spirits.
Thank you Lord for this wonderfull Life that you Give us, Help us keep it that way.
Glory to God in Heavens and the Peace came to Earth to the good will Man/Woman.

Note: Here is a website that says that Glutamate is benefic and there is some in our body naturally, but notice they do not mention all the types of Glutamate, so do not let them fool you...


-Wendy- said...

hello =) I've read about this too a long time ago. thanks for the reminder. my hubby loves chicken noodle soup I keep telling him its bad but he doesn't believe me. neway, thanks for posting. God bless ya!

Shine said...

Hehe I have the same thing with my hubby but I have been talking to him about that so much that he let me make him a chicken noodle soup that taste very good with out the bad stuff :) keep trying God Bless you too! thank you for coming by :)

surjit said...

Thanks Shine for sharing quite informative post.You are doing a wonderful job.
God bless.

www.bkroads.com said...

Thanks for the reminder. I't so hard avoiding all this stuff unless you cook everything from scratch...who has that kind of time anymore?

I had a terrible time with aspartame. If anyone you know is drinking diet cola and feeling tired all the time- well look it up - very bad stuff! (Google aspartame & rumsfeld)

Thanks Again - will be back :)

Shine said...

You have touch a very important issue, aspartame and the diet products, thank you for reminding us about that other sustance that is hurting so much our people, it is important to spread the message and let everybody now and remind them, everywhere we go, and in all the ways possible. Thank you for stoping by and God Bless. :)

soulMerlin said...

Shine....that is beautiful.

Dylan Thomas wrote the words "I am the Owl and the Echo..."

I always imagine an Owl on a mountainside hooting at the full moon and the echo returning....An echo is the past, returning as the present. to the future.