Thursday, March 20, 2008

Owls...and more

I want to start with one of the stories that my Mom told me about Owls,...
She was starting to work as a teacher in Mexico, they give her a job in the middle of the forest in a town by the mountains to go and teach in this little town, there was not hotel, or room to rent, the rich people of the town give her a room and a bed and what she need she stayed with this family, the mistery starts when one day she starts listening to an Owl, a big eyed owl will go and stand in one of the branches of a huge tree that face just straigt to my Moms window, every night at 8 o'clock this owl will go and sing for about an hour in the tree next to the window and then take off, during two weeks... then one day one of the son's of thefamily she was staying with died, got kill some one kill him, the family was very sad, and then my Mom notice that after the day the son got kill, the owl did not come back, did not come back that night, and did not come back the next day or ever again, so my Mom felt like was weird so make a coment to the woman Mother of the boy, she told her about this weird thing with the owl, and what she said next is just so amazing and scary but true, but this lady told my Mom,,,
You should have told me before... about that Owl coming, you did not know, but the Owl was trying to tell you what was going about to happen, she told my Mom, that in the town and old people there knew, and had a say "When the Owl Sings the Indian Dies"
Isn't is amazing, I think owls can be messengers I don't think they are bad, I think they are creatures of God and they are good, they are divine messengers too, that birdie was trying to say something, this is one of the better stories my Mom has told me, and I have to say that I have a fasination about Owls, they are my favorite bird and animal above all, they just remind me of the spiritual world, you know when they say, that the eyes are the doors or windows to your soul, Well they have two big beautifull windows to their souls, I just love them they are so unbelivable cute, and misterious as can be, they represent wisdom, and I just love them little and big and everyone of them. Back in the past I used to draw owls everywhere, anywhere and one day talking with my friend hipmmomy she told me that she could help me to put some designs on t shirts and stuff, so we work on it, and we got it done and now I want to present you a little online store that is in diapers but I think could have potencial because is cute
I always like drawing, eyes, owl, eagles, trees, hands, leaves, mountains, rivers, it is just such a nice way to proyect all your energy, and your feelings, and thougths, I recomend everybody doing it, anyways I introduce you our little shop tell me what you think?

Online store To Cute Owl
Online store B Busy Bee (BBB)

Hippmommy store Labs, Okinawa, Chics and much more


soulMerlin said...

Shine....that is beautiful.

Dylan Thomas wrote the words "I am the Owl and the Echo..."

I always imagine an Owl on a mountainside hooting at the full moon and the echo returning....An echo is the past, returning as the present. to the future.

ps-I left a copy of this comment on your food thread so I should say here that my favourite soup is Chicken Noodle and has been since I was around 9 or 10yrs old. :)

Ensharing said...
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surjit said...

Hi Shine,
I fully agree with your views:
'...I think they are creatures of God and they are good, they are divine messengers too..'
Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.
God bless.

March 24, 2008

Sue said...

Wow, that is a cool story about the owl. I love owls too, I have seen some in the woods when I go camping. They can make a lot of noise, like you said at night when your trying to sleep! I like the shirts too!