Sunday, February 10, 2008

Insomnia fighters.

Seven Blossoms Tea (Siete Azares)
Insomnia Treatment

This tea can be used in infusion at bedtime for a good night sleep.
For nerve problems and anxiety, insomnia...
This gifts from nature will make you sleep and relax.
You can mix these herbs all in a container before you make the tea.
Once that you have distributed well, you take a pinch what you can take with tree fingers and boil it in 5 cups of water. Add honey if you like. Drink it right before you go to bed. Don't take more than two cups at night time, one should be enough. Usually after tree days of taking this tea you will notice an improvement in your sleep, usually your body will fix itself with the right help, and it doesn't need to be forever.

Tila or Flor de tilo (red linden flowers)
Pasion flower
Orange Blossom
White Zapote or
or lemon balm

Remember to take Vitamin 6, Vitamin 12 especially for affections of the nervs, at least once a week, almost everybody needs it, just because we are all exposse to so much stress situations in our lives, and when our body is not working properly.

When you go to bed, stop thinking about everything, leave your mind in blank it is hard at the begining but you can do it.
Before you sleep, once you are resting in your bed relax your muscles, muscles from your face, harms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, neck, let go that tension.
Do not got to sleep with tense muscles because that is the reason why sometimes we wake up in so much pain in the morning.
Relax, pray, be thankfull for something, recall positive memories, and then close your eyes.
Insomnia Treatment

Hope this tips can help you to have a wonderful night and...

Have a wonderfull Day.


Jollyjo said...

I should try some of these remedies for those nights when I have been at it all day and find it difficult to unwind!

Anonymous said...

This tea really works nice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This tea really wrks nice!!!