Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hello, I cannot say that this Valentines Day was awesome, cool, romantic or even nice, since I got up I had this weird feeling and also I had a weird dream about me going to a school with dorms, I was talking with this people young pals room mates then we went to this big room to take a class and get some papers to study then I heard an explosion and I saw a man then a girl tells me, I don't know why he is that way if he actually graduate and is a profesional... then the dream end...
I had this bad feeling all day, then later in the night I listen to the news on tv show the terrible news about the shooting at NIU... I was surprised and the memories from the dream came to me even clearer while watching the news...
I wish I could have dreams more clearly specific, or not at all.
Outside of the dreams, in the more touchable reality, I think the disolution of families and the lack of ethics, of moral and love, the abundance of hate and lack of atention to the childs, the material world the love for the money, the excesive need of superficial stuff has brought us to a wirpool of despair, loneliness, we feel so sad and alone specially in those days when the rest of the people seems to be having a good time, the ones we think that have a perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect girlfriend, I know those lonely hearts, they suffer so much they cannot help it one day, they think the world has turn the back on them and then they explode, and hurt inocent people, Is so sad, I just want this day to end. I just want the pain of those families that lost their kids to go away. We need to pray more to God and do more to change this world in the right direction, we have kids that will have kids and we need to give them a better world not this mess.


derick said...

it is unfortunate that we live in a society the way it is, but instead of making oneself the victim , it is an obligation of what we can do in the relationships around us and the people we meet.
in that way, bit by bit we will have a positive influence and there will not be that feeling of helplessness.
i hope this weekend has brought a smile to your face .

Shine said...

Thank you, that is right! we have the mision of create a positive world around us, and that is what we do, thank you for stoping by and for your toughtfull words.