Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Posterior Biologic Phosphorescence

I am very exited because today I will tell you about a way to improve your life, your healt and your mental state and emotions, this technique uses photons of light through your eyes to bring this photons in to your posterior part of the brain that will improve the energy and functionality All over your body, we all know that light brings all kind of benefits to our health, that with out light we could not survive… but sometimes we don’t know how exactly we could get those benefits, here is a technique that Will work for you and others, if you do as it follows and if you are ready to improve your life.
This technique is called “Posterior Biologic Phosphorescence”, and I will explan first what a phosphorescence is, so you get a better idea on how this will work.
phos·pho·res·cence (f s f -r s ns)
. Persistent emission of light following exposure to and removal of incident radiation. Emission of light without burning or by very slow burning without appreciable heat, as from the slow oxidation of phosphorous
Phosphorescence is a fluorescence that persists after the bombarding radiation has ceased.
The emission of light by a substance as a result of having absorbed energy from a form of electromagnetic radiation.So this technique we will use the rules of quantum mechanics to match the available energy states and allowed transitions to trap the light and then release slowly this photons through our brain cells and stimulating them positively.

So finally here it is

The Benefits of the “Posterior Biologic Phosphorescence”:

1.- Opens and bring equilibrium to the third eye.
2.-Allows communications with Positive superior dimensions without interference of the lower Astral.
3.-Increases the production and secretion of Neuroconectors as the acetil-amino succinine acid, or the memory acid (reticuloide substance) what produces a huge capacity to learn.
4.-Little by little could eliminate the anhedonia syndrome.
5.- Helps on the elimination of Traumas, lowself steem and complex, fobies, works and deals with all the subconscience issues.
6.- Increases the interests of learning, search, art of knowledge, travel, etc…
7.- Although is not a treatment in ocacions may help in the next conditions
As glaucoma, cataratas, sinequias, adherences between retina and cristalino, all this is the result of the strong electrochemical gymnastics that the PBP induces.


1.- Do not do it with lenses contact or glasses, or if someone is photosensitive, do not do it with plaroid glasses.
2.- Do Not do it, If YOU do not want to change your life.

Recommended Maximun exposures.

Daily 7 PBP a day

Methods and Materials.

Light bulb Soft tone white soft recomendable
60 Watts, Pearl color, soft white, soft tone or similar.
Never Spots.
Distance: You will stand or sit right in front of this light at 60 centimeters from the light bulb.
Time: 30 seconds (counting from 100 to 140)

That means you will start staring at the light, when you start counting from 100 to 140, then is done when have been exposed to the light for 30 seconds and that will be 1 PBP.

The more times you do it is best, Not more than 7 a day.

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