Monday, January 14, 2008


Iridiology, is another way our body tell us what is going on with our system, our internal and external organs, similar to reflexology of hands and feet and all the body, our eyes reveal a lot of interesting discoveries when you know how to read this signs in the Iris of our eyes.
Next we have some of the signs that you can find in the Iris and what is telling you, this is a great help when trying to get a accurate diagnosis of specific sickness with holistic, natural medicine.

some of the clues you can find in the Iris are:

ADHESION seen in the eye as transversals this are light lines transversing the iris and running in horizontal or oblique direction. They can be from pink to white or reddish color. Adhesions are a type of scarring and are seen as a break in the fibers.

AUTONOMIC NERVE WREATH (ANW) the dividing line between the second and third zones of the eye, the gastrointestinal and organ areas of the body. It is an indication of nerve function of the body.

HEALING LINES white fiber lines that make a crisscross pattern in the open fibers of the eye. They indicate healing and cleansing.

LACUNA an opening in the fibers of the eye. There are two types, open and closed lacuna. The smaller lacuna are often called crypts. If lacuna are cramped or clustered together they may be called a honeycomb lacuna. Lesions and lacuna are terms often interchanged. Lacuna are indicative of weakness of the tissue in the area they are located.

PSORA PIGMENTS often referred to as drug spots and represent areas where drugs or toxic materials have settled in the body or areas of hereditary weakness.

RADII SOLARIS line or lines radiating from the pupil toward the outer edge of the eye and indicating an area of toxic buildup. Many believe that when radii Solaris are visible in the eye it is an indication of conditions conducive to parasites.

RINGS these are circular structures in the eye and may be of a number of different types, such as nerve or cramp rings, scud rings, sodium or cholesterol rings.

This are just some of the signs and information that we can get from the Iris in your eyes, there is so much to learn about Iridiology I would recommend everyone get a chart and a book on this discipline, to be your own personal doctor specially so you know your body and know yourself and what is it that your body is trying to tell you to help you heal in the best way.

I have faith in God and in holistic medicine, I believe that all doctors have a good heart because they all want to help and the first thing they had in their minds when you get to medicine school is to promise always alive the patient and care for them, under Hippocratic laws we promise to share our knowledge.

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